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*Sorry I keep taking so long*

*Matt's pov* 

   (Y/N) was finally out if the hospital and ready to go home. I was so happy she was all better, while she was gone her side if the bed was so cold making me miss her even more, which would then make me go back to the hospital to stay the night with her. Not that I minded that though, the pure excitement and happiness on her face when she would wake up to find me there was enough to make me forget about sleeping in the sitting position. God unloved here. 
    "Matt am all ready to go now".(Y/N) said holding my hand. 
    "Right this way m'lady" I said opening her room door.
    "Shall I cal you sir Matt now?" She asked smiling at me as we walk down the hall and out the hospital entrance. I look out to see killbane 
awaiting us. 
    "Hey kid long time no see, so your all fixed up now right?" He asked patting (Y/N) on the shoulder causing her to wince in pain.
    "Doing better but could young mess be carful killbane, I'm still weak" she said in a weak small shaky voice.
    "Oh Jeeze kid, I'm sorry didn't mean to hurt ya" he said sounding actually sincere. Wow what the hell happened to killbane?
    The ride home was pretty normal, (Y/N) and I held hands the whole way home while listening to music on my iPod. It started raining witch I could tell made her so happy. I remember her telling me how ran was her favorite type of weather. She also told me her favorite thing to do on a tabby day was to make a pillow fort. 
     "Hey love, when we get back, wanna build a pillow fort" I whispered into her ear.
     "I thought you were about to start singing do you wanna build a snowman for a second there"she giggled.( I know frozen wasn't out when saints row the third cane out.. Shhhh)
     "Hehe thanks love"I said smiling. God I've missed her 

* really sorry this is short* 


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i am also Morgan3334 but somehow my account got deactavated i am going to be reposting all of my work so please don't think i am copying cause i am not my acount no longer works okay so i guess I'll add some stuff i love to listen to music i love comedy fantasy, and horror movies ... i love some video games but i am not a "huge gamer" sorry i hate pink love Black Blue and Red love my cats and swimming love hanging with my friends and drawing during class and loves weapons and anime and Japaneses stuff xD
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